Family Book Exchange
519 St. Mary's Road     phone 204-237-4949

Trade System

If you have books you no longer want or need and would like to sell or trade them in, here is how our system works.

Books that are accepted, if you would only like us to purchase them from you, you will only receive 10% of the cover price. 

If you would like to trade your books, if accepted, you will receive 60% of the resale price towards the purchase of the same category. eg. Mystery for Mystery  This also applies to books bought and returned to the store in good condition.

If the cover price is $10 our price is 50% so $5.
When you return the book, 60% credit, which is $3 can be used towards your next purchase. This does not include GST or Handling charges.

If you would like to bring in books to trade or to sell, please phone ahead to make sure manager is available.
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